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Youth Program & Services

The Young Go has been a trusted supplier of values established services to the youth for over 150 years in Australia. The Youth has dedicated youth services working in more than 25 communities throughout the nation.

Juvenile Justice

The Young Go Juvenile Justice plan provides health services for young men and women in detention, and post-launch support.

Cellular Youth Centers

Perth Young Go Mobile Youth Centers bring instruction, support and actions to young men and women in urban and regional Western Australia. The service is a significant tool in the Ys preventative way of community services and youth.

Alternative Schooling

For example:

The Young Go in the Justice System works with Territory Police as well as Katherine, NT by giving options to incarceration for nonviolent offenders to support young offenders.

Youth Outreach

Services contain support and info in linking young people’s families as well as they locally to essential services and facilities.

School support & instruction systems

Citizenship systems, Youth in government, mentor programs, youth support, study groups and spaces.

Community Liaison Systems

The Young Go requires actions and its services into the community for people who’d not ordinarily get the services at the middle. Staff supply support (monetary or otherwise) to those in the community who want it, through liaising with other community groups, schools and welfare agencies.

Counselling for youth in disaster

Youth and family focused, geared toward encouraging self- self-reliance and responsibility in their families, as well as young individuals.

Youth Event Coordination

National Youth Week and local community occasions.

Based in Taipei City, Taiwan – Young Go!. We use theatre as a portal to reach, teach and unlock the creative ability of youth. We work with thousands of teenagers each year, focusing on personal growth and supporting strong peer and community relationships.


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