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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions on YOUNG Go:

Do you know the standards for Youth?

A 5 percent window is for non-low-income youth should they experience one or more specified barriers to employment or school completion. Additionally, at least 30% of funds should be expended on out of school youth.

Many youths are there in the planet today?

About one billion youth live in the planet these days. It follows that about one person in five is between age 15 and 24 years, or 19% of the world’s citizenry are “youth”, and kids (5-14 years) include of 20.8%.

It’s intriguing to notice that despite a rise in absolute amounts, the percentage of young men and women on the planet is dwindling as it is possible to observe from the table! It follows the amount of young men and women on earth between 1995 and 1980 has dropped as a percentage of the total citizenry. During the 1990s, the yearly growth rates among the youth population of the world have slowed down in every area of the entire world except Africa.

Where does the youth of the world reside?

The bulk (nearly 86%) of the youth of the world live in developing countries, with about 60 percent in Asia. By 2025, the amount of youth residing in developing countries will grow to 90.5%. Thus, it’s important to consider youth problems into policies of every state and thoughts in the development plan.

Where do youth participants fit in?

Youth programs contain an objective evaluation of every youth’s ability levels and service demands, a service strategy, training for postsecondary educational opportunities or unsubsidized employment (as appropriate). In addition, they exhibit strong linkages between academic and work-related learning and powerful connections to intermediaries with strong links to companies and the job market.

The other essential aspects of youth programs comprise:

  • adult mentoring;
  • Work-related skills training;
  • Direction development opportunities;
  • Encouraging services;
  • Complete guidance and counselling.
Based in Taipei City, Taiwan – Young Go!. We use theatre as a portal to reach, teach and unlock the creative ability of youth. We work with thousands of teenagers each year, focusing on personal growth and supporting strong peer and community relationships.


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