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Young Asian Restaurateurs Making Waves

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In major cities, all over the globe, young Asian restaurateurs are making waves with their bold new approaches to traditional cooking and presenting their cuisines. Even, the dreaded fusion word is making a successful reappearance in establishments in New York, London and Sydney. Vietnamese food paired with European ingredients is one example of this brave new culinary world. Chinese cuisines are being merged with New World ideas to make a splash in the restaurant epicentres around the world. The youthful energy and bravado of these new foodie entrepreneurs is bringing some fresh excitement to the scene.

Dining Public Flocking to their Eateries

It seems that they are forging bold new careers via kitchens and the creativity emerging from them. The dining public are flocking to their eateries and the foodie media is full of publicity about their emergence. In many ways, both the orient and the restaurant business have been slaves to tradition for much of their existences. It is refreshing to witness this overthrowing of the old guard and the arrival of something new and exciting. These new chefs and young Asian restaurateurs are making waves in the sea of fashionable dining out. They are securing their place in the hospitality halls of fame.

A Huge Leap in Terms of Sophistication

It is all about taking the plunge and risking all for the kudos of this new crown. The Red Lantern was one of the first to kick things off in this direction in Sydney. Chef Luke Nguyen has gone on to further success with celebrity cooking TV shows and award-winning cook books under his belt. Food and restaurants have been a traditional pathway for Asian migrants in western cities, so, it is great to see this kind of thing morph into extended generations and take a huge leap at the same time in terms of sophistication.

Melting pots of Multiculturalism

These kinds of developments inspire others to continue the transformation. Western cities have become melting pots of multiculturalism, which has greatly benefitted the food scenes in all of these places. Originality is a rare beast in the restaurant world and in the Asian business realm. Diversity means richer palates on offer for more people. We are broadening the experiences of more people, which can lead to greater acceptance of diversity. Respect my food and you may, also, respect my culture. A better future awaits!




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