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Taiwanese Band in Sydney

Taiwanese Band in Sydney

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Fond memories of discovering the Sydney Taiwanese Band when walking around enjoying the Chinese New Year festivities in Sydney a few years ago.

In the last 15 years Sydney has become the sort of city where, if you don’t speak English but only speak Mandarin or Cantonese, you can live an entire full life there with a full social network supporting you.

While it is good encouragement to learn the language of the local people, with many good schools and universities eager to take your money to teach you English, there is much to recommend life in Sydney as a person from Taiwan.

If you want to soak up the foodie culture of home, you can click these links to find some of the very best Chinese restaurants or noodle bars in Sydney – or of course there are fantastic places for yum cha which are a Sunday morning religion not just for Taiwanese and Chinese people, but for local Australians as well.

One cafe which deserves a special mention as it’s the home of the trendiest Asian students in Sydney is Devon Cafe which is in Surry Hills but the part which is closest to Chinatown. Devon is such a hit with the instagramming Asian princesses that it’s said there has never been a coffee served there, or a dish presented, which has not been photographed for instagram.

Once again we hope you enjoy the music of the Sydney Taiwanese band:


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