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Digital Leaving Traditional Marketing in the Dust

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Digital marketing is leaving traditional forms of marketing in the dust, when it comes to effectiveness and value for money. The fact that most people are never without their phone or peering into some computer screen or another means that digital marketing messages have an ever-ready audience. Plus, an audience that is interactive and able to respond to advertising opportunities. No longer is advertising at arm’s reach away from the consumer, but rather it is a case of quick draw McGraw, when it comes to seizing a great deal.

Digital Marketing a Mecca for Businesses

With digital leaving traditional marketing in the dust it is a brave new world for marketers and advertising houses. New technologies are challenging industry specialists to keep pace with the plethora of novel approaches to marketing in the 21C. Businesses can reach their potential customers via SMS, email, and a variety of social media platforms. Facebook advertising has joined Google AdWords as extremely effective ways of targeting particular demographics within our communities. Traditional advertising was so hit and miss; and wasn’t it expensive in comparison to digital marketing? Old fashioned print media ads were 90% ego driven for the company and only 10% effective marketing.

A Digital Marketing Strategy Just Right for You

Digital marketing solutions are smart and cost-effective for all sorts of businesses. They are applicable across the whole gamut of commercial enterprises, from food companies to service sector suppliers. Whatever the type of business you might be in there is a digital market strategy just right for your company or operation. Digital marketing is not so much about making the marketing manager and CEO feel important, but more about creating new business for that organisation. Free to Air TV advertising remains in that overpriced, over weening and under delivering model, but it is the last of the traditional marketing advertising dinosaurs roaming the planet.

Traditional Marketing Was Wasteful & Inexact

Ethical consumer considerations like purchasing cruelty free and environmentally friendly products are coming to the fore in the 21C. Digital marketing is ideal for these growing niche markets because it can dovetail specialist strategies to reach these audiences. Things like Facebook advertising can target these consumers, so that the message reaches the desired audience and does not fall on fallow ground. Traditional marketing was wasteful and inexact, whereas digital marketing is concise, precise, and cost-effective. Digital leaving traditional marketing in the dust in the 21C.




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