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Careers in Digital Media for Young Asian Students

Careers in Digital Media for Young Asian Students

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Digital media refers to text, pictures, video footage or audio that can be saved, transmitted or played using computers or on the Internet. There are careers where one can work with digital media on a day to day basis. These careers are known as digital media careers. These careers demand that one work online very often. Thus, with new technologies emerging every day, this is a full time job. There are many careers in digital media that young Asian students can pursue.

1. Graphic designer

This is a professional who makes use of both their hands and manual tools or computer software to express ideas or concepts. The graphic designer innovates solutions in the field of design. These designs have high impact from a visual point of view. Moreover, they satisfy the needs of the clients who commission these designs. A graphic designer produces designs for industries and platforms such as websites, advertisements, magazines and even the packaging for various products. Being a graphic designer is a good career in digital media for young Asian students. This is very lucrative for those who have a keen eye for detail.

2. Careers in Digital marketing

Considering the current development, starting a career in digital marketing is a good idea. Demand for digital marketing has grown; agencies and companies have a bigger need for qualified professionals. According to Google trends, “Jobs in Digital Marketing” is more popular than “Jobs in Internet Marketing”.

If you want to start your Digital Marketing career, it will be beneficial if you have some skills in this field, for example email marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, social media management or all kind of SEO related qualifications. Moreover, companies are especially looking for professionals with hands-on digital work experience and commercial awareness.

3. Multimedia artist and animator

This is another career that is in the digital media. Multimedia artists and animators develop animations as well as visual effects for movies, video games and television. These products can be in two dimensions or three dimensions in nature. They make use of computer software as well as manual tools to make these illustrations for these products. The multimedia artists and animators usually work in teams and groups. They perform research so as to create the storyboards, and promote the realism of their products. These specialists also meet with clients, directors as well as actors to make the final animations high quality. This is a good example of a career in digital media for young Asian students.

4. Photographer

This is also a career that one can follow in digital media. This is a professional who specializes in taking photographs. They can make use of a digital camera or regular film. The photographers understand how to use light to complement their photographs. Moreover, they understand the necessary techniques required to take high quality photographs. This light can be natural or artificial light. Some photographers take photographs of natural settings, animals and even people. Thus, one can choose their niche and then develop their skills in it. These photographs can then be uploaded.

If you want to get into any digital media job, you have to acquire the right skills. Fortunately, now there are many firms that offer training for students who are interested in digital media careers such as social media training, digital marketing training or computer training. Only those who are well qualified for the jobs they pursue excel in their fields. There are enough possibilities of careers in digital media for young Asian students. It is up to you to make the best out of it.


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