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  • Asians in the Digital Workforce


    The traditional days of driving to your work and punching in the requisite hours before driving home is largely a thing of the past as technology has overwhelmed the digital marketplace and enabled people to work for companies all over the world no matter where they reside. Geopolitical boundaries mean nothing in the digital workforce of the 21st century and nowhere is this more true than for young Asians working for digital companies in Australia.

    A natural fit

    It is truly a natural fit when young Asians can work for an Australian digital web agency and here’s why. Coming from a culture that values a strong work ethic, dedication, and consistency, Asian workers have all of the hallmarks of an excellent online worker. An online worker could have many potential pitfalls; however, it is well known from professionals in the industry that those who telecommute from Asia are far more likely than others to work better from home.

    Not only this, but depending on where in Asia the individual is hired from, it can make it exceptionally easy for Australian companies to work with them as certain parts of Asia are in the same time zones. Asian youth are also very technologically savvy and in a world with many innovations coming out of the east on a regular basis, Asian youth are at the forefront of the technological revolution as it rolls through the 21st century. This puts them in a unique position of having the manpower, the technological ability, the education, and the work ethic that is required by many Australian businesses to conduct commerce. In all, this adds up to an incredibly well-oiled machine and a very natural fit between Australian businesses and Asian youth.

    Going green

    One of the side benefits that many individuals may or may not be aware of is the greening effect of hiring individuals to telecommute to work. By hiring young Asians from whatever country they happen to reside in to work in Australia via the internet, a business can potentially lower their carbon footprint. Not only does this help free up roadways and cause less pollution in Australia itself, it is also likely that the individuals are working from home or a nearby office and they generate a smaller carbon footprint overall.

    The technological revolution really is a green revolution, enabling us to go to work faster, go to work longer, and burn less fossil fuel to achieve the same work goals. If you’re a company with a mind towards bettering the environment, figuring out a way to be able to have most of your workers work from home is a great way to lower your impact on the environment and lower your cost of rental space.

    If you are a digital company in Australia, then partnering with the largest emerging economy in the world with some of the most highly educated individuals on the planet – Asian youth – is an excellent way to keep yourself apprised of the changing tide of technologies. It also lets you have a foot in the future of the biggest economy in the world. With these in mind, the future of Asian/Australian digital relationships is bright.

  • Young People Getting a No Doc or Bad Credit Loan
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    Young People Getting a No Doc or Bad Credit Loan

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    Youth is wasted on the young, they say, but it’s not always young people’s fault that it’s wasted. Many times young people want to get on and make a success of their lives, but no-one will help them. Once I applied for a loan from the bank so I could buy a car, but they told me I couldn’t get it and were pretty rude in fact.

    The bank manager asked me “you’re 26 years old, you own nothing – why don’t you own a home yet?”.

    It was absurd – I couldn’t believe they were saying such a thing.

    One way young people can consider getting loans for such things as buying a car or maybe even starting a business, is to approach private lenders.

    Of course you must be very wary about the interest rate and all the terms and conditions, but such things – which may be known as bad credit loans – are also in effect known as low doc loans or even no doc loans – in other words they are loans where the lender is willing to give you finance even if you have “no docs” or “no documents”.

    It’s never advisable to be seeking a personal loan to buy consumer products such as handbags, shoes or a new suit (unless it’s for a job interview) – a modest-priced car is about as far as your loan-minded ambition should go – however it’s true that small business loans can be worth it if you have the right business model – think seriously before you go ahead with any debt to fund a business, as some glamorous career options like owning cafes or nightclubs usually turn out to be misadventures. Many cafes survive on a one percent profit margin, at least small bars might be better because ultimately they’re in vogue and so, providing you have your social media management up and running well before you launch, you can develop a business which is popular from the night it opens.

    It’s a reality that affluence varies widely between Asian students in Australia. Chinese students who are the kids of China’s technocrats or business owners need never think about having to be sensible around money. However for many others, the only way they can survive in Australia – and pay the exorbitant study fees – is by taking on dubious part-time work either poorly paid hospitality or in adult entertainment industries.

    We wish we didn’t live in such a selfish capitalistic society, but we do. We wish every brave young person all the best!

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